Well, this was Definitely a very Unusual Week of AEP.

Basically, lot’s of negative happened this week but this despite the huge amount of negativity that occurred this week, I was really Happy about one thing. Since our Final Examinations are Near, We won’t have to take any Vocabulary Quizzes. Which is the only thing that has pulled my grades near the failing mark.

Anyway, when i entered the AEP Room Ms. Disa introduced us into a Game which was basically similar to all the other Oral Exam Games that we had.

So, We have Taken the Ghostbuster’s game, The Batman Bomb game, What about this Cat, Rainbow, Anime themed Game? (I honestly don’t know anything about this theme, So i have absolutely no clue of what the actual theme was)

I was getting really Confident for some reason, Until it was Boys VS Girls, Which killed more than half of my Confidence because i the feeling inside of me that we were going to loose was bigger than the biggest Building.

But for Some Reason, Our Luck Suddenly started to change out of the blue, We started gaining on them, Oh wait we weren’t actually gaining on them, We were Literally Dominating them. On Several Occasions in one of the Opposing Team’s turns. They lost 5 points because of their unwise choices.

For once in my Life, I was actually Happy about something, We were beating the other team Turn by Turn. I thought inside “What could Possibly Go wrong this time?”. (Well it’s school Duh, Something WILL GO WRONG”)

And something did go wrong in fact, Although or Team won the Game. I guess we Celebrated too much due to the fact that if you won the game, You had to donate your Merits to the Opposing Team.

I became Extremely Greedy because i wasn’t exactly a favorite in our batch and it was pretty obvious that i we had lost, I would be receiving Nothing.

It was surreal that we had won the game, Yet we had to give our Points. (Bummer!)

I was Furious because i needed the Merits the Most and the other team Deserved the Opposite.

I wanted to give it to the person that had the Least Merits to the Other team, Since she was Basically the only one that deserved it and her team mates deserve the opposite.

But Somehow, All the Girls Un-Deservingly got a huge load of Merits, When they should’ve received the Opposite. And even Worse, They didn’t even say Thanks! (Bummer!)

Anyway, After that we had this Weird thing called “Comic Book Scrabble” It’s basically Scrabble Except that you had to make your own words and use it in a sentence.

We could pretty much all guess the outcome. Everyone excluding me Un-Deservingly got Lots of Merits, When we all know who should’ve got it all.

Okay, The First Day in this Week of AEP was more than Awful, Probably the worst in 2017. But the Day after that turned out to be a little decent.

I was still pretty Bummed out about the fact that the undeserving got what the deserving should’ve received. And we all pretty much know who is the Most Deserving in the Grade 7 AEP.

Anyway, Enough Boasting, I do too much Boasting, Well at least only in my Blog posts but still this should be my New Years Resolution. (Which i’m probably never going to follow)

We basically just took Listening tests.

Strangely, we took Listening tests that we had already did in the past. But still did it anyway.

You may be wondering, “How is the second day of AEP good?” Well, Despite it being just a Regular old day of AEP. Except that just a little thing Almost made me Happy. (I’m never Happy) Three of out Class mates were not Present and the Session made me feel Relaxed, Refreshed, and Comfortable. It felt like all the things that made me dislike AEP the Most Took Itself out where it wasn’t needed.

Anyway, That’s Pretty Pretty Much all i Got for you right now, If anyone even reads what i Post. Have a wonderful Day/Afternoon/Evening/Night.


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