This week was pretty calm and easy. We had more visual note-taking practices and tests-which I was getting better at. It’s fun and I can never get sick of it. But what I did realize, after some time I started getting lazier because I have gotten so used to it. Looking back at one of my very first doodle noting, it had so much pretty designs and colors. Now, it is less neat and I just use highlighters- still looks good though.

For the highlight of this week, it’s the Batman Bomb Game. The game where we have to pick a letter and recite what it tells us to. Like your favorite restaurant, a place you’d like to go, most expensive gift spent, an old school you went, etc.

I used to be really bad at it because I am rubbish at time management. Although this week I did a pretty good job. No ‘uhms’ and ‘uhhs’, all just me talking which ended perfectly as well. I got to say, I am proud of myself. Hope to stay this way too!