I don’t really know why people are people are still saying “Happy New Year!” to me despite it no longer being the New Year.

Anyway, we had a Not-so-Regular Week of AEP ( Which Stands for Advanced English Placement, For those that are unaware of what it stands for ) Anyway, the reason why this Week of AEP was Not-so-Regular because the Batman Bomb Game Returned! Boy, the return of this game is so common it may not be a surprise in the near future.

Anyway, On the First Day of AEP, We had a Vocabulary Quiz where i got a low score on, (Again! But i got High on my Listening Tests) Anyway on the First Day in AEP it was basically just a regular day of AEP. But the day after that with turn out to be Not-So-Regular.

Basically, we had the Batman Bomb game Which is an Educational Game Created and Intended to improve someone’s English Speaking Skills. The Game would require you to choose Letters from A-Z and one of those Letters would Require you to talk about a certain topic and explain clearly about the topic you are given. You can’t see what you get (So it’s best you Memorize it) And you’re only given 15 seconds to prepare what you will say, Causing lots of People to Fail the Challenge.

Personally, I don’t understand why lot’s and lot’s and lot’s of people end up Crashing and Burning. (That’s what failing is called in this game) Your given 15 seconds to prepare and i honestly believe that’s More than Enough time for someone to Talk about something.

Anyway, Let’s talk about what happened today, (This will be interesting! Won’t it?) Anyway, Basically you know the Phrase “It is too good to be True” Well this Phrase is Very Appropriate to use on what just happened because something Terrible happened. It was a “Team Game” So the only way to claim Merits was for my Team to win.

Basically, if i was the Teacher (Which Will Obviously Never Every Happen) I would make it Individual work and Make the Person with the Highest Points Claim the Merits, Sure it may seem Anti-Social of me but Come on, We all know it basically adds up to the suspense to the Oral Test.

Back to Reality! (Something which i all know you could Escape From, But Sadly cannot) Anyway, in this Oral Exam, I was really worried because My Team was Suffering Heavy Crash and Burns, And while the Enemy Team was on to 6 Points, Our Team was on 0.

When it Finally became My Turn, I kept talking and Talking, I was really worried not to Mess up like a few other times, But i managed to not make myself worry too much and just trust my instincts. Not Surprisngly, I did more than a Decent Job in talking and Gave my  Team 4 Points, I knew we were going to Lose like Always, But Really Deep Down (Deeper than the Earth’s Core) I thought we were going to Win.

Basically there were lots of Uncountable and Unacceptable Crash and Burns in the Opposing Team, The Crash and Burns on the Other Team was just Too much.

Anyway After a Hard Fight it The Boys had 12 the Girls had 14, I picked the Letter “U” which was a Very Very VERY Bad Mistake, This was probably my Baddest Mistake in the New Year So far, As the letter “U” only offered JUST 1 POINT.

Eventually, there was lots of Hope in my Team,  Suddenly, The Bell Rang, WE LOST.

It was pretty obvious we’d win due to our luck, But sadly we didn’t.

Link to Picture: https://img.clipartfox.com/a39dff71f47cf457def96dc5fb31c8b8_january-2017-calendar-january-january-2017_1890-1336.jpeg