The first week of school after the holidays is finally over, and that means we go back to starting our “lessons” once again.

We started off the week with our weekly VocabTest and once again, it’s safe to say that it’s never a hassle to do so every week. Well, for now at least. Let’s just hope that it’ll stay the same in the future. After doing that, the whole process of starting a new unit begins once again.

Like every unit, the beginning is always easy at first but this unit, it was pretty confusing. We spent almost an entire period trying to find other words besides “increasing” and “decreasing” trying to describe charts. I never knew how hard it was until we re-read the sentences we wrote down and noticed we used the same words about 3-4 times. We didn’t have any other choice but to look for synonyms, which may I add, sometimes didn’t make sense for the sentence. Believe it or not, doing that was the highlight for this week in AEP.

In the end, we just gave in and decided to move on to the other questions. I have to say, though the beginning was quite confusing, I’d still prefer that rather than the last part of the unit. Which, if you haven’t known, is writing an essay.

Being an AEP student in Grade 9, the struggle of having to write an essay and most likely rewriting it for every unit is real. It’s like when you have colds and when it finally decides to go away, it comes back once again. But hey, I guess that’s the fun part of this subject.

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