2017It’s the New Year and i hope you all all had a Wonderful Holiday, Now that Vacation is over, It’s time to talk about School.

Now, i know that you all dislike the Fact that the Holiday’s are Over, I know i feel the same way as you people, However it’s the New year isn’t it? So let’s write “Be more optimistic” in all our New Years Resolutions.

Anyway, During the Very First Day of AEP in the Year 2017, We Started of with a bunch of Listening Tests, We Sketch-Noted and Sketch-Noted until there was no Tomorrow.

During the Second Day of AEP (Advanced English Placement) We did something Interesting, We Played the Batman Bomb Game, An Educational Game that tests your English Language Skills.

After Lot’s and Lot’s of Crash and Burns (Fails) and a Few Decent Oral Tests, it was my Turn. I wasn’t decent in my Speech, But i was able to keep on Talking until 60 seconds Passed.

Anyway Thanks for Reading and i hope you have a Wonderful Day!