2017 has finally come and you know what that means? We’re getting older! If that doesn’t scare you enough, you know what else that means? After enjoying our holidays, school is coming! Once again! šŸ˜¦

Of course with a new year, comes with the goals that we never get to do. It’s either that or we’re just too lazy to ever get them done. ( Guilty here! ). Speaking of goals, the thought of them never really came to me so far this year until we had talked about them in AEP.

We listed down our goals and being told that Miss Disa would post them on the board, I tried to make it quite simple. Writing them down wasn’t the hard part but trying to figure out “where they belong” was the part I got confused on. By saying “where they belong” I meant whether or not they belong in theĀ ‘at least try to do’ list or the ‘I’m definitely not going to do that’ list.

Besides writing down our goals, we also had our VocabTest, which never fails to make me happy. It’s like this soft and fluffy corner in the world of AEP and who doesn’t love soft and fluffy?

As expected, it was only my pal and I Viktoria who came to class in AEP this week. We think Clarisse is somewhere in the Bahamas, clearly still not over her holiday. That’s okay, though. She can’t run away foreverĀ from this hell of a place called “school” .

Picture from: https://cdn.meme.am/cache/instances/folder644/500x/66011644.jpg