I’m a bit bummed out that Christmas break is already over. But let me tell you, those three heavenly weeks were truly god-sent. Delicious food sprouted during the eve of Christmas, colors of boxed gifts laid underneath the plastic tree and the voices of family chatting and laughing were music to one’s ears. And one cannot forget the excitement of finally opening up presents. But the best out of all this, is the endless tranquility of sleep. No annoying alarms ringing at the sight of dawn, and most importantly, the scrunched up eyebrows and pouted lips that went with the day. Just smiles; and eased lines in one’s face.

Oh and the food.

It’s ┬ádefinitely foolish to ┬áforget about the delicious home-made cuisines.

But just like every fairytail, there’s an ending. A dark cloud clouded my thoughts on the first of January, school, it chanted.

And so that brings us to present day. Since Monday was left for us students to spend on our own accounts, Tuesday was the official dooms day.

We only had one period, of a 40-minute AEP class, so there wasn’t much to do. But firstly, we did our our vocabulary test(vocab 10) then spent the rest of the period drawing up our ‘2017 goals’.

And that’s about it for the week.

Other homework entitled are to: -study for vocabulary 11


Happy weekend!


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