So AEP this week was nice in my opinion, Because we did something spectacular Today.

For those of you that are pretty much clueless of what AEP stands for it stands for Advanced English Placement.

Anyway we had our Mid-term Test, our Mid-term test came in two tests actually, One was a Vocabulary Test and the other one was a Oral Test. But the Big Part of the Test was the Vocabulary Test.

After having my Vocabulary Test i handed in my Paper to our teacher Ms. Disa then after that Ms. Disa told us it was time for our “Oral Test”, Which i’m pretty good at to be honest.

What i didn’t expect though, Was this to happen Ms. Disa told us to Re-Arrange the Tables and Chairs to basically make it look like it the Oral Test was happening in a Cinema, Basically this was done to emotionally take the audience and the Speaker to a Cinema.

This was the Batman Bomb Game, i was honestly happy to see this game again, However this was done a different way, No teams just you, Which i was happy to hear.

Person after Person i got my Turn, My topic was “Name your Favorite Food” After i was given enough time to prepare, I talked about Pizza, And then i legitimately got 9 Points on that, Without Cheating or anything that could’ve helped me, No joke.

Then on my second turn, My topic was about “Name a journey you loved” (That was not the exact name, I forgot the real name.) So basically this i talked about my Trip to South Korea on 2010. I actually combined all my trips to South Korea, I’ve been there 4 times actually. I got 2 points.

Then on the End of the Batman Bomb game, Or should i say “Oral Test” My points was Originally 11, But 1 point was deducted due to a Really Controversial Ending which happened in one of my speeches. Ms. Disa then turned our Points into Merits, Which made my Day because i actually got the highest in the class for once!

I thought we were done after that but no, Something else was coming, I was guessing Ms. Disa was suspicious due to the fact that i got so High on the Oral test. So she slapped a new thing in our faces, It was another game (Not the Batman Game, Unfortunately) It was a “Ghost Busters-Themed Game” That was just the Theme that was differrent though, The Genre’s are still the same.

It was basically just the Batman Bomb Game, but instead of answering questions we basically picked a picture and said similar stuff to it, or said stuff that rhymed with it.

It was a team-based game, which was very Unfortunate since the people were really Hard to work with and i am Better on my own.

The game went on and on and on and on and the game ended with a controversial finish.

Anyway that’s basically all i have for this Weekly blog Not much here actually. Anyway i also forgot to mention that this will be the last Blog i post for the Year 2016. Anyway Thanks for Reading and Happy Holidays to everyone!

Link to the Photo: https://31.media.tumblr.com/c1a24e12d7f143751ae634c3b48c2dfa/tumblr_inline_ndgb9iGmPh1sjmsv2.jpg