This week we esentially only had one period of AEP. That is, of course, a result of a marvellous holiday called Bonifacio Day held last Wednesday. But it’s a good thing we had a double period that day.

Anyway, here I am staring blankly at hundred and eighty word list, all for me to assimilate. A continuous trite of words, that are almost unbridled to the extent to morose the mood that was once animated.

But It’s completely fine, I like words. Words are nice. *mhm. Though I do have trouble spelling them, I do have a dream that one day I am to ┬áconquer the title of ‘lexicon’. To diffuse leaving people gaping. But then again, I’m not a Vince. (reference to our classmate Vince. Quite a wordy chap, he is. :p)

Back to the point, last Monday we re-wrote essay during the two periods we acquired. Which was about whether we agreed or disagreed to an extent of whether taking supplements, part-taking in strenuous activities, and having regular visits to the gym is essential in order to stay fit and healthy. Meanwhile, another opinion states that the best way of maintaining this is through simply leading a normal life.

And we also did a recap about how to write a proper or better introduction sentence. (photo credits to Miss Disa :p) essay

Well, that’s about it. Tomorrow will be our midterms, for us 9th graders at least. And I’m actually feeling pretty intimidated. Some words are really similar, to where it can actually be mixed up pretty often. What’s even more scary is the oral exam tomorrow. *shivers*

But I do hope everyone does well! And good luck to everyone, and study well! This is probably our last blog post(assuming) until of course, 2017 comes around. It just feels so fast, doesn’t it? That being said, I wish everyone a great holiday to come!

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