It is officially less than two weeks until the holiday break, and I’m sure that all of us are very elated! *VocabTest word ;)* You’ll start to hear Christmas songs playing on repeat in stores, decorations put up everywhere, and even your friends singing jingles. *I hear you Vikki ;)*

That being said, all I could think about for the past weeks are the breaks. My family and I don’t celebrate Christmas but hey, who isn’t excited to get gifts, right?

Let’s stop talking about the holidays now, and talk about AEP.

This week was once again full of essays, considering we only had one meeting because of the holiday on Wednesday. We had to rewrite our essays, and I hope it turns our pretty good. I would say it was an improvement of my last one, and I now have a view of proper essay writing.

We also did not have any VocabTest, as the coming week would be our midterms. We have to review the synonyms and antonyms of 180 words, and only 30 of them would be chosen for the test. Let’s all cross our fingers and hope that we get perfect!

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