Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog 🙂 It’s already been a month since 2nd semester started and midterms is just right around the corner!!

*starts screaming and  running around in circles*

Anyhow, we’re still learning and enhancing our skills of visual noting and I promise you, I can never get tired of it. It’s fun, enjoyable and amusing. As a matter of fact, using different colours, fonts, sizes, arrows, connectors and  groupings is genuinely way more useful and better than the normal note-taking.  I honestly dislike the typical and common way of note-taking. It’s boring and dull. Whenever the teacher asks us to copy the notes on the board, it feels as if we’re just like a photocopy machine. Transferring the notes from the board to our notebooks isn’t learning. Sure we could summarise and write the important details down but when you catch a glimpse of your notes, you feel bored already, am I right? At least that’s how I feel. All I see is just a bunch of words and information that we may or may not use in the future. It’s uninteresting and tedious. Is this even the right way of learning? Definitely not. We can’t gain knowledge by this way. We’re just humans. We’re certainly not machines and it takes time for us to learn and understand something utterly. This is why I prefer visual note-taking more. Applying all the fundamentals and information altogether with cute relevant designs and doodles here and there. Yes, you can doodle in class. So why not try visual noting and take this chance to draw and have fun. I started trying this method in my other classes and even the teachers admire my notes! As I have mentioned in my previous blog, I am having a hard time with ‘spacing’ or putting the details in categories and where to place them. I still am but I got to admit, I did somehow improve just by practising.

This week, we answered some questions about POP ART VS DADAISM using our creative notes from last meeting. I keep forgetting to write the questions down though, I should really start remembering things easier before the midterm exams soon…

*starts screaming and running in circles again*

Thank you so much for your time and I suggest every student out there to try visual note-taking, you’ll never get bored of your notes ever again!