Christmas.jpgSo when i went into Ms. Disa’s Room and plopped my Bag into my Desk, Got my Notebook and pencil case. I was Happy that Christmas break was very near, However i was also worried that the AEP Mid-Term Examination was On December 6, (Which is next week)

By the way, For those of you that have absolutely no clue of what AEP Stands for or what it actually is, It stands for (Advanced English Placement) Some people think it stands for (Advanced English Program) But it actually stands for (Advanced English Placement) It’s for Students that have an “Advanced” knowledge on the English Language.

Anyway after the class settled down it was time for the first thing we were given was the first thing we usually receive in a typical AEP Session or class, You guessed it! A Vocabulary Examination! However this is not your ordinary Vocabulary Examination, The words in this Examination are full of difficult words, Such as humdrum, Adjacent, etc.

As usual i got a really Low score on the Vocabulary Examination, And as usual again i got a decent score on the Listening Examination which always comes After the Vocabulary Examination, The only difficult one was the time the Listening Examination was sort of difficult in a way was that moment or time the topic for the Listening Examination was about Dadaism and Pop art, I got 6/12 on that test and let me tell you i actually knew that topic really well, Well that is except for Dadaism.

After we got everything everyone expected in a usual and typical AEP Session, or day or class (Whatever you want me to call it) Ms. Disa gave us really difficult Group themed Vocabulary Quiz out of nowhere.

So basically this is how this “Game” i wouldn’t even call it a game, I would call it an Activity, So basically this is how this particular “Activity” worked. Ms. Disa would use the Projector and Project a “Multiple-Choice” Styled Vocabulary Examination.

I was pretty excited about this honestly, However it was a “team-based” game which was really bad because the people in my team weren’t exactly the sharpest knife in the kitchen. Plus, i am only comfortable with people i have known for maybe more than two or 1 year and the only person i knew for 1 year would be Enzo. And by the way i forgot to Mention it was a Boys vs Girls Match. And every correct answer a team got would give them a point, Every wrong answer a team got however, would remove a point from there Team. It was impossible to get negative points. I was getting ready but Ms. Disa said that we could earn Merits for this which practically shut my brain down i don’t know why.

So anyway it was a great competition, I hope that we get less Vocabulary Tests in AEP and more Listening Tests.

Anyway this is all i have for today, See you next time!

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