Hi everyone!

I hope that you’re all well.My fellow classmates and I are a week away from our AEP class midterm exam, and this week was full of fun ways to prepare for this coming event.As usual, we began our first lesson with a very useful vocabulary test.This week’s words were quite simple and easy to remember.Words like inkling (a hint, vague notion),limpid (easily intelligible;clear),chastise(to punish), and brash(lacking in sensitivity) were the ones I remember the most.The website we use to get all these vocabulary words is incredibly helpful,for it gives you several tactics on how to remember the words you are learning.You could learn definitions or synonyms and antonyms, or you could even play games.If you wish to visit this website you can click here: the vocab test website .

On the second day of our AEP class, our teacher, Miss Disa helped us prepare for our oral exam in a very enjoyable way.Basically, the oral exam is a test that consists of a few questions which will be asked one at a time to each student,the student will then have to answer it in one minute.Aside from the vocabulary tests we take every week, this exam also improves our way of speech. It trains us to be able to answer questions correctly with organized thoughts and ideas under time pressure.For us not to get bored while doing so, Miss Disa prepared a game in which we can gain or loose points depending on our choices and answers.It was really fun and made me feel like I was part of a game show.As a student, I recommend to all teachers to try the technique of playing games with their students.They would appreciate and enjoy learning much more.

That’s all for this week; till next time!

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