Our week in AEP started off with a unit 9 vocabulary quiz. Which comprised words such as:

Poignant: evoking a keen sense of sadness or regret.
Brash: lacking sensitivity.
Chastise: to punish.
Ardent: enthusiastic or passionate.
Palatable : pleasant to taste.

If you had read my previous blog Concession words, we were told to write an essay mainly focusing on the usage of concession words. This week we finally got our results. Honestly speaking, I was expecting for a good output however, it didn’t make up to my expectations. I had few grammatical errors and I figured that organising of information in my writing was completely different in contrast to the answer key given; and to what I thought as well. Oh well, better luck next time. We later were told to rewrite the essay as we now know what correct elements the essay needs.


Our next meeting turned out to be quiet enjoyable as my classmates and I did some impromptu speaking. Well, for me oral has never been exciting but this time I was surprised to be enjoying it and the key behind this was it was arranged in a form of a game. The flow of the games goes something like this. It will first requires the victim of the oral to choose a number displayed on the screen, and according a question will pop up showing the topic. The victim is given around 30 seconds to gathers his/her thoughts and later will be given 1 minute to speak. The interesting thing about this game was that it gives us merits however at times even takes few away depending on two factors; how well you do in our oral and the choice of your number.

This way of impromptu speaking not only helps improve our impromptu skills but builds up self-confidence as well. In addition, it tests your ability to speak under time pressure in front of everybody. Usually many individuals do mess up when given this task to speak under time limit. I’m glad that we have taken up a little bit of speaking in AEP and hope we do it time to time. It is really helpful and if put in a game, it’s helpful yet enjoyable for the students.

See you next week readers!

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