So it’s exactly( okay maybe not) 3 weeks and 24 hours, before the holidays start to kick in. It just feels so fast, doesn’t it? I mean, I sure hear the Christmas jingles everywhere I go. and I mean LITERALLY.

Taking a large step back to reality, let’s talk AEP.

So last Monday, we did our last vocabulary test for the half of this trimester(vocabulary 9). Because, you know, after next week it’s going to be midterms for all minor subjects. To say the least, I’m already in panic mode. But fear not, just like any midterm for AEP(*ahem* from years 7-10?) We shall conquer by having only vocabulary. Hooray!

But for grade nine, just like they all say, the easy route is never just that passive. There’s always a catch. For this case, we’re having an oral exam in addition to vocabulary antonyms( from vocab 1-9! *sigh*)

So there’s that.

And then on Wednesday, we got to discuss more about writing our intro sentences. As Miss Disa says, it’s one of the most important keynote into a essay. It’s what gives the examiner an impression of how the quality of our essay may be. It somewhat because by having a good introductory, the examiner would want to prove to himself/herself that their judgement is indeed correct. (A more detailed explanation made by Mrs. Disa herself, in the comments! you should totally check it out, if you’re confused or whatnot heh)

And that’s about it for this week, I’m sure. It’s been terribly short, I dare say, but it’s probably just the excitement I feel for Christmas break. Because *ahem*, about three weeks of sleep and Netflix( without the chill)

Till next time!


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(So I just edited this, oh my. *double face palm* I guess this what I get for trying to write a quickie. Sorry again Miss Disa! hehe)