Merry xMas?


What did we do last week? I do not even know.

Well I can just say that we answered more fun, and at the same boring questions.

Last week’s first session, we had Unit 9 Vocab Test, which I did not study for. That meant that I was meant to fail. I need to get perfect in the next one to cancel out my demerits. Pray for me, dear readers.



DANG! I FORGOT, the MidTerms!  The deadliest part of the year! The assessments are so close to the Christmas break.

This years midterms is about Unit 1-9, death incoming. And we have to study Antonyms and Synonyms, the topic I hate the most.

And the worst part is that; when the AEP midterms finish, it is time for the major exams!


What did I say, I do not remember much of the week, that is it! Thank you for reading my blog post.


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