The third AEP Class has got to be one of my least favorites.

For those of you that don’t know what AEP is or what it even stands for, It Stands for (Advanced English Placement) A class where “Advanced” Students study “Advanced” English.

We did some more Sketch-Noting, Vocabulary Tests, Listening tests, Same stuff except that we have to do it all in… You guessed it SKETCH-NOTING!, This was really bad because i thought the Sketch-noting on our notes was just for one day but Apparently i was wrong.

I got a really low score on my Vocabulary Test, and let me be 100% Honest here, I would’ve gotten a High score on that Vocabulary Test but i couldn’t because i was having a headache and i was really Nervous since the Mid Term Examinations were close. What made me REALLY Nervous even more was that it seemed like i was the only one that knew.

So anyway we were given a Listening test (as usual) and it wasn’t really a perfect day for me, I honestly wished we had just stayed with The Old fashioned way of taking notes, Due to the Fact that that was Fun and it was Less Time Consuming. Sure The old fashioned way of taking notes may take a longer time to read. But at least it took less time to write it!

During the Listening Examination i did an awful, terrible, bad, poor and any other bad word you can think of on my Sketch Notes. Luckily it wasn’t graded. Which was a good thing.

Anyway there’s nothing else that honestly really happened on the Third week of the second Semester.


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Mid-Term Exam Schedule 2016