Hello everybody! I hope you’re doing well.

This weeks blog isn’t going to be as long as usual, because I wasn’t present on the second day of AEP class.                                                                                                                                My classmates and I started our first  AEP class of the week  the same way we always do, with a vocabulary test.The choice of words in our test was a combination of both basic vocabulary that most people know of, and words that may be new to others;like myself. Some of the basic words were ‘suave'(smooth and pleasant in manner), ‘omnivorous'(eating/living upon food of all kinds), and ‘compatible'(capable of existing or performing in harmonious combination). Some words that weren’t as familiar were ‘ingenious'(characterized by an inability to mask your feelings), ‘obsolete'(outdated),and reprisal( an injury done in return for injury). We then wrote an essay consisting of 150 words or more on the data given in our book about the trends of fish captured in different places throughout a ten year period.

That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading!

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