This week in AEP, as usual our first meeting began with a vocabulary quiz (Unit 8). We came across few beautiful vocabulary words such as:

RECALCITRANT (adj.) Stubbornly disobedient; Resisting to authority
REPRISAL (n.) An injury done in return for injury
QUANDARY (n.) A state of difficulty or perplexity; A dilemma
PARSIMONIOUS (adj.) Excessively unwilling to spend; Stingy
INGENUOUS (adj.) Characterised by an inability to mask your feelings; Not devious in a naive way
SUAVE (adj.) Smooth and pleasant in manner

We later wrote a short essay which tested our skills of using concession words in writing. We were given a table which comprised several trends and total number of fish captured over ten-year period accordingly. With the help of the given information and the plan we wrote earlier, we now had to write a short essay.

When we finished writing, we were told to exchange our notebook with our classmate and scrutinise his or her work. I liked this way of ‘exchanging’, as it helped me in analysing the other person’s way of interpreting the information given. In addition, I found this way useful as it made me think of elements which I could have added in my essay as well.

Lastly before leaving our class, we handed over our writings to Ms.Disa for checking. I’m currently waiting for the result and will talk about it in my next blog.

Stay tuned!

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