“Woah! No way, it’s the second week. Dude. WHY?!” – Anonymous (definitely not me)

I think I write more comments. than I write more notes for being the minute man.. Thank God I am not the minute man. Oh wait, that was contradictory.

We always start the week with a Vocab Quiz.

We always get that stressful feeling, when there is a VocabQuiz. That’s why, I try to enter the room with a sarcastic grin on my face. (I hope you didn’t think that I was smiling the whole time, Ms Disa)

When I enter, my classmates are always talking with our teacher.

Time for the VocabQuiz!  <– Insert sarcastic “Yay.”

VocabQuiz, done! [9/10] Yeah!

After the VocabQuiz, we answered some more Inference Questions. I know, I was wrong in my old post.

And guess what? We got reunited with our epic BATMAN BOMB GAME! We played the Bomb Game, but now there were only  4 players (students)

Playing Batman Bomb Game

Playing Batman Bomb Game

The Order of play went 1 boy, 1 girl, 1 boy, 1 girl. And just continue. The boys group kept on getting “Fabuloso”, that our speeches were accepted and acceptable. BUT GUESS WHAT? All of our gifts were the most unlucky gifts of all time!

Gifts Like:

  • You lose all your points
  • I get 3 points from you
  • 1 point
  • No Points
  • AND FOR THE GIRLS, “Pick someone, I will steal all their points.”

Now that sucks, I am sure you can guess that score. THE BOYS WERE DEFINITELY ZERO. It was; Girls – 12, Boys – 0.

In the next session, we started a new topic, Rhetorical Purpose Questions.

You’d experience a question like:

The author mentions the “We will fail Campaign” in order to describe ______________.  I miss this, other than Inference questions, we tackled this topic in our freshman years. This was so annoying, really.

I don’t know why they add the word Rhetorical, because that just makes me laugh whenever I see that word. I have no idea why.

Oh no, I have ran out of things to talk about.


GIF! –  http://cdn1.sciencefiction.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Batman-Robin-Green-Arrow-Laugh-In-Old-School-Cartoon-Gif.gif