So this week has been pretty average to me. If anything, actually every week is what I’ve considered average. (you know, besides exam and midterm week.) I don’t know if it’s because of my average self, my average dull brown eyes drifting off into space, or my average physics and math grades, but that was what this week was for me, average. Stacked with homework, numbers, and quizzes to review for, It was a continues cycle where I strived to survive every week, as though it were winter in the middle of an island.

Okay, lol. I need to really stop listening to emo music. The old pre-teen hair over one eye, Vicky is trying to creep herself into me once again. (even though this phase ended just around a few years ago. *ehem ehem*)

So anyways, Monday morning was a bit of a hectic agenda for me. First of all, I woke up late, 6:54 AM to be exact. And so hurriedly  did my morning necessities, before running down the lobby as if I were running for my dear life. The good news was that the bus didn’t leave me, the bad news? It didn’t come at all. I’m guessing the bus probably forgot, as I watched my bus mate wait eagerly by the doors. She was always on time. So we moved to plan B, and took a cab. By luck, coincidence, or even by fate, the bus we were suppose to take was beside us during the traffic jam. And so we transferred, and everything turned at well. We didn’t get any late slip( bus perks), however we did miss the morning assembly.

And then of course, I finally arrived at my AEP class, where we started off the day with a vocabulary test, then continued to do our seatwork.

Then came Wednesday, Clarisse was absent today, so that left Navya and I for today’s lesson. We were quiet(as usual) and continued to plan for our essay.

So far, this week is actually quite fine.


(side note: I finally discovered how to save GIF pictures! *yas!* I can die in peace now.)

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