It was another fruitful week in AEP 9, and in this post, we’ll recap on everything we did.

We started off the week on a Monday morning, with our weekly VocabTest, learning new words such as “sterling” and “warp”.

Afterwards, we continued with answering questions from Unit 3. In this unit, we talked about relative clauses, and like in every unit, we started off with writing our essay plans and essays.

The question topic for the essay of this unit, is agreeing/disagreeing whether or not the best way to stay fit and and healthy is simply to lead a normal life or by trying to achieve good health and fitness through physically demanding sports, special diets, or preventative medicine.

That’s all we did for this week, and the assignments are:

-VocabTest Unit 9

-Continue answering questions 6 and 7

-Write this blog 🙂

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