The second AEP week of second semester was one of my favorites! 

We studied and learned about “Visual Note-Taking”. To be honest, it was harder than I thought it would be. This was because I was so used to taking notes the old boring way, but after a while I did got the hang of it thanks to the two videos that Ms. Disa showed us and her helpful tips.

I learned the 6 fundamentals in visual noting and various of ways on how to do it. Using different fonts and letters, bullets, frames, connectors, shadows and peeps was really a grateful way to spice up your notes! As practice, we did two seatworks in class. One of them was making our own and experimenting with visual not-taking. The other one was even more challenging because we were listening to a real lecture while taking the notes at the same time, I still loved it though.

I am really glad that we are studying this because I am sick of my dull notes and want to change it! I would love to start my class with these fun-looking notes. This topic was completely the opposite of boring and I enjoyed it a lot.