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Second week of AEP already? Wow.

This week, we got into visual note taking. It’s basically taking notes more imaginatively and it is a lot easier to do- at least for myself.

Ms. Disa made us watch two videos about visual note taking. We noticed two different kinds of visual note taking. One of them was the real visual note taking (with drawings, arrows, bullet points,and layouts) and the other one was for people who don’t like to draw or cannot draw well and that one had colors, images, more layouts, more arrows and more writing.

Our teacher then made us take notes visually about the videos we watched. After we practiced visual note taking for a while, we tried doing it together with listening. To be honest, it was more basic than I thought it would be. I got the details I wanted and I think I’m doing pretty well so far.

That’s all for this week’s sessions! Thank you for reading.