Today in AEP class i was expecting the same old thing, Vocabulary Quizzes, Listening test’s (Which i actually admire because it practices us for something that we need to know and use in Life very often) Anyway today in AEP Ms. Disa introduced something brand new to AEP 7, It was visual note-taking Now, For those of you that is unfamiliar with Visual note-taking is using Art on your Notes to Somehow make your Notes Summarized, Or in other words make your Notes easier to Read and understand. So i was a little frightened and scared about this because basically i’m not a Great Artist and I’m only good at Drawing Graphic and basically negative Drawings. Ms. Disa made us watch a 2 Videos to Familiarize us to Visual Note-taking. Ms. Disa then told us we had to Visually Note-take while watching the videos. Since i was Kind of New to this New Form of Note-taking i thought of what to draw, Circles, Squares, Rectangles, Perhaps maybe Speech Bubbles? The Clock was ticking so i just sketched the First thing i had in Mind, Ms. Disa then told us that when we drew something, Such as a Dinosaur or a Car, We had to make use of it and not make it a useless decoration. For Example if i were to Draw a Dinosaur i had to put a speech bubble on it or something similar to that. When i sketched my Drawings weren’t really drawn in a Positive or rather Joyful Manner. Then after the Time Ran out, It was time for us Students to submit and hand in our Visual Notes. After we Submitted our Visual Notes, Ms. Disa gave us a Listening Examination out of nowhere. She told us to do Visual Note-taking on this Examination. I was terrified by this since i did Poorly in Visual Note-Taking and i wrote more Information and i barely sketched. Luckily The Examination wasn’t graded. Which really made me feel Relieved. That’s all for today, I look forward in seeing what happens in our Next AEP Class.

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