This week’s minute man is here.

I will be talking about last week, the start of Term 2 AEP.

I know, I know, all of you are stressed. “Dang, the start of term 2, I don’t want to fail.” – Anonymous (definitely not me)

Here’s what we did:

  1. Every week’s first session has a Vocab Quiz, we had Unit 7
  2. Inference Questions ( I almost had a heart attack, when I heard one volunteer mention what we were going to be doing.. )

We answered questions (Inference Questions). Me and my classmates tackled this ferocious topic when we were Grade 7. In an Inference Question, you can’t find your answer in the passage, only in the choices. That means that we have to make a smart guess or prediction.

Throughout the whole week, we were able to finish the whole chapter! We answered 6 Questions.

Now for the 3rd part.

3.  By the end of our first meeting, we had a fun activity. SPEED READING! My classmates and I did this before in “TOEFL – now AEP”, but it was still loads of fun!

Oh yeah! We saw our finals results. I have to be honest, I messed up pretty badly, but still got a good score. Thank you for your ‘legendary’ consideration Ms Disa. (Hahaha)

That’s it for Semester 2A’s First Week, the journey begins.

Link To Picture – Inference Ideas