Another term, another dream. A dream that’s incredibly hard to remember. A dream that can be compared to an ice cube with something important stuck in the center of it. An ice cube that doesn’t melt and cannot be cracked open or you might risk damaging the most important parts of the center.

I want to change my mindset a little, as an island in the middle of nowhere is a little to hot for me. I want to share one of my safe spaces. In here, the sun doesn’t set. It’s a simple park, with a single bench and a sidewalk, in front of an ocean that doesn’t flow. The wind is forever present and you can hear the distant noise of Chinese glass wind chimes rattling in the air. It’s more peaceful than my old island, so I’ll add a leather embossed work desk made of a piece of reclaimed wood that has been stained and varnished. I used to sit here a lot, on the badly-painted green park bench that has been styled in a baroque manner to make it look like a throne that people of royal origin used to sit on. A few days ago, I remembered that I shouldn’t fight what I’m studying. I remembered that I shouldn’t make it hard for myself.

Over the course of the holiday, I watched 2 Jane Austen movies out of the basket of what seems to be romantic movies. She told us to discuss the change in the use of languages in the times when the movie adaptation of the original books were made and the times of the original books themselves. 1 change I would like to discuss here is how language is used as a form of power. The people in those movies seemed to exude elegance and I believe that the major cause of that is because of how they used the English language. There is art in how the people in the movie spoke and I highly admired that. It is a great shame that I wasn’t exactly raised to be spick-and-span in the use of language but I already thought of how I can improve myself in speech, seeing as I’m still in the age bracket of what is considered ‘young’.

Last week, Ms.Disa said that we shouldn’t visualize our essays as our enemies but instead visualize them as a our own creation. She told us to draw the manifestation of our essays and I drew a planet. A planet is something I can work with, it is like a piece of clay I can mould and design to suit whatever topic is being talked about. We also started a new unit that discusses the clauses of concession. It seems pretty simple so far and it looks easy to integrate it to the essays that we will be creating in class.