It’s the start of a new trimester, and hopefully a better grade this trimester as well. Anyway, this weeks notes were about comprehension questions.

The lesson is pretty much almost the same as the main idea one. I’m not having any problems or having a hard time with comprehension questions, nor am I finding it easy.Its kind of in the grey area.

A strategy for comprehension questions:

  • Consider the relation between the listener and the context

I know I only have one, I really should be taking more notes. But thats why we’re learning about note taking. This week we learned about another note taking strategy; it involves bubbles and the questions: Who? What? When? How? Where?

My only problem with this way of note taking is where to put what. In other words, on which bubble will i put what. I still get all the information I need, but its always on the wrong bubble. Its not really a  big issue, just wanted to point it out.

This week we also had 1 graded exercise as well as a vocab quiz  and boom, that was the week. I don’t think I need any in depth description about my vocab quiz or exercise. They both were fine.

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