The start of 2nd term has officially begun and unfortunately, that meant going back to school.

On a Monday morning, Miss Disa lost the keys to her classroom and therefore she wasn’t able to write the VocabTest that we were supposed to have. Now that you think about it, who else is excited for life as a responsible adult? ( Ah, the joy of sarcasm ).

As expected, we got our exam results and trust me, it felt like as if my life flashed before my eyes. For AEP, the result wasn’t that bad but it wasn’t the best either. That’s when Miss Disa told us to make a visual representation of an essay we wrote for our exam. My mind was having a hard time deciding on what to draw and it didn’t help that it was a Monday morning. In the end, I drew a tree. It may not be the best tree and I’m not an artist either but hey, at least I drew something.

On Wednesday, we finally took our VocabTest. I don’t know why but something inside me always gets that little ball of excitement every time we finish a test. Maybe it’s the feeling telling me that you’re done with the exam and there’s nothing you could do about it. Don’t whine about the past and cry. At least you tried your best and you could always do better next time.

We ended the week in AEP discussing a topic which was later given as homework. To sum it up, the week wasn’t bad at all. Lessons with Miss Disa never seem to bore me.

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