Hello dear readers, hope you are having a great day so far!

It’s a fresh new start for AEPers as we just finished our 1st term and started with our 2nd term this week. As usual my classmates and I entered Ms.Disa’s classroom with a smile and gave her some warm greetings.

As we sat down and began our class we were told to do something unusual. Our teacher told was to draw/sketch our essay, sounds weird right? How can we sketch our essay? Well she added, doing so will help us think of our essay as friends whom we love and not as an enemy whom we dislike/hate. It made more sense then.

Our next AEP meeting started with my classmates and I taking Unit 7 vocabulary quiz. Readers, I would like to share a vocabulary link with you all (vocabtest.com). I have been studying vocabulary words from that link from past 4 years when my teacher, Ms.Disa, introduced it to me and my classmates in a form of weekly vocabulary quiz. I’ve noticed that it has enhanced my way of using diction while I speak and write, and I would like to encourage you all to try it as well.

As we began our very first lesson for this term,  I came across a term called “concession words”. It sounded unfamiliar and might be for few reader too. Well, concession words are basically words used to connect an argument with an explanation. Like ‘Although’, ‘after all’, ‘however’ and ‘nevertheless’.

That’s all for today’s blog! Have an amazing day readers!

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