Last week, we had our AEP Final Examinations (Which is Advanced English Placement, for those of you that doesn’t know) Thankfully the Final Examination was all about Listening, Something in which almost everyone is good at, (Not being sarcastic) I was also thank full that we didn’t have to memorize Vocabulary words because if we did that would’ve been a Total wreck and a disaster on our i mean, My Average AEP Grade, When Ms Disa gave me my Paper, Confusion filled the classroom, Everybody was confused about this weird looking test, We would’ve failed if Ms Disa didn’t explain it to us.When i say weird i mean it, the test was basically just an Printed Answer sheet filled with Really microscopic, small, tiny, minuscule, undersized and malnourished Font which was really small that i was lucky to even be able to read it, Another thing that must be mentioned in this post that was strange about our final examination is that we had to write out Birthday in different ways, but i knew this was on of Ms Disa’s tricks to scare us.    A week later we were given back our examinations and our grades were Terribly Dreadful. I honestly did not expect these kinds of results, When i got back my Paper, The first thing i noticed is that i got a 10/10 for following instructions which i am truly great full for, On the other hand on my answers i didn’t not do so well. I must Admit, Everybody failed the Test, But thankfully since it was still early in the School Year, Ms Disa edited the Test’s and made everybody in AEP 7 Pass which i, Again am grate full for, Another thing that happened was that we got some more Vocabulary tests and Listening tests, Personally despite Listening tests being longer, more complicated, and more harder (In other people’s opinions. I find Listening tests way easier and less challenging and less difficult than Vocabulary tests due to the fact that all you have to do is take notes, Speaking of Taking Notes, I also forgot to mention that when we got our AEP Final Exams, Nobody took notes, Now i’m going to be honest here. I would’ve and was going to take notes but i saw nobody doing it so i decided not to take notes at all. Overall, my AEP Experience was just like every other AEP Experience i’ve had in this school year, Nothing new, just expecting Vocabulary Tests and Listening Tests.

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