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Hello fellow AEP attenders, I’m back with another (slightly) interesting blog!

I’ve started the week with a terrible Monday, and ended it with a stressful Friday. Why you may ask? Because THE FINALS ARE HERE. One side of me says “oh FINALly!”(no pun intended) but the other says “Finals? Again?”. Well, I guess this is just the way of life but it IS difficult to get through it without any mistakes.

Let’s get to the point. This was my first time taking an AEP exam. I’ll admit; it was pretty hard but I didn’t fail so lucky me! However, I didn’t get a really good score either. Ms. Disa said it that was normal since we took this test for the first time. I believe I will do better  the next exam.

That’s all I could remember from this week. Thank you for taking your time and reading this post!