I removed the weeks in the title because I lost track. I will start putting it…next trimester (WEEK). lol. Sorry Ms. Disa.

I will just begin.


Are you sure?

I just wasted your time.

Ok for real, let us begin! I KNOW WHAT I WILL DO! I WILL M AKE IT LIKE A DIARY.

Dear notebook (dang, I just realized how lonely I am),

Great! Exams are done.

I have to tell you all about it.

It was easy! I need to have good thoughts about my results. It was just reading what could’ve gone wrong! I am pretty sure I aced it.

I really like bragging to myself. I am sure I was the first one who finished. Ohh, I am such a smart kid. It-is-not-like-I-looked-at-other-students-papers-when-the-teacher-was-not-looking. I did not cheat. Please pity this innocent child from his weird doings.

I am so smart.

I checked my online grading system, CoolSIS. It is really good. For student and teachers! They even have an app in the app store, which is free! Notebook, this is not a paid promotion.

Oh yeah, I saw my grades.


What!!!!!!! I checked my AEP grades, 6 mistakes! How? DUNG DUNG DUNG FECES FECES FECES!

I really need to improve.

That is it. Thanks notebook.

OK back to the real stuff, no loneliness.

I got a low score because I forgot to fill in the answer sheet, and that was worth a whopping ten points!

I will do better in my next exam.


Link to my pic, I made it! http://www.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk/p/don-t-keep-calm-cause-the-results-are-here/

Dung was supposed to mean. Nevermind, I won’t tell you.