Hello everyone! I am back —- with a late post..

Today, I will be talking about week 7. I have to be honest, the only thing we did in week 7 was, THE BATMAN BOMB GAME. This Bomb Game would be our Final Oral Exam (FOE, yes it really is my foe)

I remember Ms. Disa showing this game to my classmates and I, when we were in elementary. The game was called Bomb Game, so no batman.

Here is how it worked:

The letters A-Z were projected on the board, and we would pick one letter. Once you picked one, the topic that you will discuss would be projected on the board. You have 60 seconds to think about your specific topic. Once time was over, you had another 60 seconds to discuss your topic.

If you are able to talk about your topic with no errors, you will get some points! Then it is your groupmates’ turns..

Once the bell rang, we would add up all our points to see who got the most.. It was actually Boys vs Girls, and unfortunately, the girls won.

Anyways, that is it for my comment, or tutorial on how to play the batman bomb game, if your teacher even knows about it.. LOL.

Thanks for reading see you in the next post, which hopefully wont be late.

BATMAN MEME – Here is the link to the dank meme.