Today we had our AEP Finals, Our AEP Finals basically was an listening test. Before we had our listening test. Our results of our AEP Oral test (The test AEP 7 Had last week on the Batman Bomb game) was released today, i was very happy that i got a 9/10. Anyway back to the AEP Finals, Ms. Disa made us listen to 3 stories, in total we had 15 questions. I listened and did my best. I could’ve taken notes, but i didn’t see anyone take notes so i just listened. The good thing about what happened today in our AEP Finals is that Ms. Disa made us listen to the stories or topic or Whatever you want to call it twice. Which means there was a big chance of us passing. After lunch after eating 6 pizzas, i went upstairs. And Ms Disa Showed us our Results of the Final Exams (The test results weren’t official). After that she let us do whatever we want until the rest of the period while she was checking important and urgent papers.

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