It’s officially one week before we take our AEP exams and we decided to revise everything that have been discussed this whole term, and how to handle writing an essay with a time and word limit.

When writing an essay about a graph:

  • What it’s about, ask the “W” question ( What, When, Why, Who, etc. )
  • Look at the axis for its units
  • Find the relevant points (Look for the HIGHS & LOWS and SIMILARITIES & DIFFERENCES)

Comparison Language to use:


  1. However
  2. whereas
  3. in contrast to


  1. in common
  2. shared
  3. Both


  1. considerable difference


  1. minimal


Writing the essay:

Part 1: What the graph is about, summary of the information

Part 2: Writing down the main points

  • When writing the essay, make it descriptive as if you are about to explain the graph to a blind person

When writing about your views on something:

Part 1 ( INTRO ): Thesis Statement

– Paraphrase the question

– Opinion on the question (Between absolutely and not at all )

– Saying what you’ll do

Here is an example question to better understand what to do.

Example Question: Some people think that the government is wasting money on the arts     ] and [ that this money could be better spent elsewhere

PART 1] separation [PART 2

 This is how the essay should start

Answer: I absolutely agree that the government could spend its money more wisely than it does and should not waste any on the arts. In this essay I’ll explain why.


1st: To begin with,…

2nd: Secondly,…

3rd: Lastly,…

When we get to the last part of the essay which is the conclusion:

  • Can be explained as writing the summary of the information with a twist

With discussing all of these in one day, we decided to have a little fun the next day.

We started off the next day with our Vocab Test and Miss Disa told us we would be having a recitation afterwards.

We were only given 15 seconds to plan what we were going to say, and one minute to talk about the topic given. In the last recitation we had, were given one minute to plan and on minute to talk. But this time, we were given only 15 seconds! Naturally, all of us in class had a mini- heart attack.

Turns out, it wasn’t as bad as we thought. We had it based on this Batman power point with weird background music which to be honest, sounded kind of creepy.

Here’s an example of what we had to talk about during our 1 minute recitation.

Example Question: What is your favourite photograph?

Sub Questions:

  1. What or Who is in the photograph?
  2. Who took the picture?
  3. Where was it taken?
  4. Why is it considered to be your favourite?

Everytime we recited, we caught a villain and had points.

We ended the week with Scrabble and as usual, we didn’t do so well with words such as pain and death put together in one board.

Good luck to all of us in the exams and I hope you all do well!

It was a fun first term in AEP 9!

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