Today, in AEP (Advanced English Placement ) I was expecting a vocabulary test or a listening test and something we usually do in a regular AEP session, but our AEP session on the 8th week was actually kind of fun. It was called the “Batman Bomb game” i never heard of that so i decided to give it a try. Ms Disa, our AEP Teacher said it was graded, so i kept that in mind so that i wouldn’t get distracted.

This is how the game worked: The Alphabet would be projected into the white board and we picked a letter, one of those numbers would be your oral test. It was Boys against girls. Ms Disa picked me first, So i chose H, my oral test was for me to explain about the Best gift i got. The last time i celebrated my birthday or got any gifts was 7 years ago, So i had to make up a topic.

I talked about the WWF (World Wreslting Federation) vs the Alliance (WCW World Championship Wrestling and ECE Extreme Championship Wrestling InVasion 2001 DVD Set, We only had a few seconds to think about what we’re gonna talk. So i had to think Fast!. When my time for thinking about what was i going to talk was up. I talked about it, I honestly did pretty well and i would’ve done better if there wasn’t a Time Limit.

That’s basically all that i have to say for today, Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!

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