Last week has been pretty laid back, I would say. You know, despite that fact that it was a week before exams. EXAMS.

for the minor subjects at least, but minor or not, it’s still pretty intimidating.

So last week, we did our vocab, just like any other week. We also discussed import tips and notes for writing an essay pertaining to a graph. It was then when it really hit me.

I myself,┬áwas going to write an essay with at least 150 words in 20 minutes. And that’s pretty scary if you ask me.

Especially since I’m someone that overthinks when I write, which is really time consuming. Because then I end up just going with something; because I know I can’t change it anymore, which is really annoying because I know I could’ve done better.

So that’s something I definitely have to work on. I’ll probably- no, I have to practice before the exams. Collecting my thoughts and all.

Moving on, we all played a bomb game/ oral exam. It was completely embarrassing, at least for me. I actually felt really nervous, which I hope didn’t really show? you know, despite the obvious snapping of my ID that I was doing.

We only had 15 seconds to prepare, which made it even nerve-racking. But It was still super fun, and I’m pretty bummed out that we could only do two rounds. Because I think the more rounds we did, the more comfortable we were in expressing and talking, I guess?

But anywho, this week has been pretty chill, but next week though- rather tomorrow, well… I guess we can all imagine hows that’s gonna turn out.


{ side note: and who knew batman made a guest feature at The Simpsons? certainly not me!}

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