The end is near!! By that I mean, our final exams. Everything feels so rushed; the activities, events, quizzes, and exams. I really hope I can do well in all of my subjects. Although, I was expecting that this week of AEP would be stressful since the finals are coming up but Ms. Disa proved me wrong.

Week 8 of AEP Classes was actually very enjoyable. We had another listening test like usual. It’s called “Service Encounter”. It’s basically a student who needed help because he was dis enrolled in all of his classes and that was because he owed money in his yoga class. In result, he seek help from school’s service to help solve his problem.

The next class of AEP, we played a fun mini-game. I was pumped and nervous at the same time considering it was an oral test and the results would effect my score in the final examination. The game was named “Batman Bomb Game”. The letters of the alphabet was displayed on the board and each student gets the chance to pick one and present the topic that is given. I was the last girl from our group to present and I did pretty well I would say, we were actually winning against the boys’ group. Unfortunately, all my feeling of satisfaction quickly fade away because our group switched scores with the other and it was all my fault, I CHOSE THE WRONG GIFT BOX!!

I hope we could do these activities/games more often šŸ™‚