Tick-tock, tick-tock , the figurative clock races beside me as I hastily wrote the essay. I giggled (in my head, mind you, even though I do this in real life too) like a little school girl as I passed through the third paragraph of the essay. Things that are hard to do or have high stakes usually excite me a lot, that’s probably the reason why Chemistry seems so fun this year. I could already imagine the actual exam in my head.

“Waiter! Packet meal, please! Yes, the one with the essay and a draft on the side! What!? I need to wait 30 minutes for the food! How could you? I have a plane to go on to! Okay then, hope that it’s worth the wait!”

If the exam has a lower stake, I would probably have some fun with it, but it has a high one. If I were to play back a repeat of my 1st, 8th grade, Mathematics midterm, it would probably go something like this. First few questions – Easy, smiling all the way. As I arrived at the middle of the test, a frown stole the smile away. ‘What! We didn’t study this! How could Sir Jim give this!’ And more questions that I didn’t know how to answer would march onto the battlefield. I would then ask the proctor how much time I had left. “10 minutes”, she/he said, with a smile. Hohohoho, Fawaz, who’s the fool now! You see, people of the island, I have a tendency to make some fun out of everything, even exams. That’s why I need to take drugs a little rest before the exams, so I could actually concentrate.

The topic of today’s blog, however, is not Mathematics. An essay needs to be well thought of, content-wise & cohesion-wise, for it to soar through the sky that is English. The problem the island has is that we only have 30 or 40 something minutes to construct the essay. The time is not the problem, the thought of it is. If someone were to tell me to write an essay with a random topic and only 40 minutes  to do so, I would write the essay. However, it would be confusing to read as the thoughts I have in my head was not thoroughly organised. I would clearly think of nice subtle ideas that were going to form a big positive point to the essay, when suddenly, the time limit would shout in my head. TING! TING! TING! 20 MINUTES LEFT! GOOD LUCK!

My goal today is to introduce a revolutionary way to write your essay, under time constraint! I thought of the solution while I was meditating on the  island of AEP (I was on the porcelain throne in real life). Drum roll for the solution, please. Tut-tut-tut-tut-tut, and the answer is, just write the essay! We always think of something wise to say about the topic being talked at hand even though the instruction is just to write. Ms.Disa already taught us how to make an essay plan to execute the essay and that would embody the content. The essay plan should take 5 to 10 minutes to write, at maximum. The problem is of cohesion but that’s just a matter of writing wisely (ironic since I   just implied ‘don’t think of wise stuff’). Try to make your essay simple. It’s just an intro with 3 points and a summary. Most importantly, have a good mindset. If we start the essay with the thought of ‘never going to get this done in time’, you probably won’t get it done in time. Believe in yourself, you signed up for this. If you have the correct mindset, you can do it, I believe in you. That thought fixed me up, I don’t know if it would fix you. Anyway,

good luck and have a nice day!