Hey guys! once again It is I, Tori, with this weeks notes! (and back with my Simpsons memes)

last week has been a pretty hectic week, inside and outside of AEP. We were given the opportunity to have a sort of small program for our values class, where we distributed food, had games, and played with children.

It was really fun, I would say. We documented the whole process from grocery shopping, to finding a sir. Em look-alike in the street.

But besides that, let’s get back to the main point, AEP.

Our first lesson, Tuesday, October 4th:

  •  We took our vocab test, freshmen lesson 5.
  • planned for our essay about our opinions on whether we should ban smoking in public places and how it would take a toll on people’s freedom of action.

Wednesday, October 5th: 

  • Had one period to write our essay.
  • played scrabble

And that’s about it for this week. Only additional notes/homework for next week is to study for vocab, lesson 6. 




Picture credits: Meow photo, Old man yells at cloud