Hey everyone!

How has this weekend  been treating you so far? This week’s blog isn’t going to be as informative, because due to some emergencies, I wasn’t able to attend the first and second meetings of AEP class.On the last AEP class for this week,  my fellow classmates and I practiced how to write an essay in thirty minutes on the topic of “Society advances most when people break from the traditions of their predecessors.”To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement? For my answer, I both agreed and disagreed.If you have read my previous blog, you would have a little idea on how to answer essay questions as the one above.Since our teacher Miss Disa took our notebooks to correct our works, I am not able to tell you how I did and how I can improve the next time I have to tackle this type of question.For the mean time, you could try answering it yourself and create your own essay checklist;we could then see how we both did on my next blog.

Till next time and thank you for reading!

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Cartoon Of The Day: Essay Assignment