Hello readers, hope you are having a pleasant day!

This week, due to some change in schedule,  AEP turned out to be my first class on Monday, after a long pleasant weekend. As I started my day, I wondered how having AEP in the morning would feel like, as we never had this subject this early in the morning.

After having our usual Monday morning flag ceremony, I headed to attend my class. We are usually 3 people but this time I was the only one entering our class, all alone. I wondered where my fellow classmates were; one arrived a little late while the other one never really came.

Giving some warm greetings to Ms.Disa, I sat down while expecting for a vocabulary quiz to be given which i came all prepared for, but instead it got postponed for our next meeting.

The lesson started with Ms.Disa checking my updated version of essay checklist. She pointed out how important it is to make your essay checklist into simple words, as it will be easy to remember and will come in handy while taking an exam.

For example, instead of writing:

does your essay have supporting details?

you write the following in your checklist:

does your essay have examples or explanation that support your idea?

TIP: remember to break down complex words, which in this case ‘supporting details’ to ‘examples and explanation’ as this will be easily installed and accessible to our brain after writing an essay.

In our second meeting, we first had our vocabulary unit 4 quiz taken and later we focused on how to answer ‘How much do you agree/disagree to the statement?’ question. But this time, we needed to look for words that would fit in the range of 75%-80%. This was a slightly challenging task, as i never really thought of words that could go in this range. Usually in my essays i would completely agree or disagree, or i would choose both, ‘I agree.. however, here are few reasons as to why i disagree..’.

After thinking deeply for awhile i came up with few words that i think would appropriately fit in the given range of 75% to 80%. These included words such as:

To a certain extent




Well, this is all for we learnt/did for this week. I’ll see you next week readers!

Picture source: http://www.colbyrrice.com/2015/01/09/guerilla-warfare-for-writers-and-other-types-of-wars-of-art-for-creatives/feather-pen-writing-letter-with-ink-bottle-hd-wallpapers/