Ladies and gents, we’ve successfully conquered and bypassed the storm, in which we call Κύριες μεταφράσεις( greek for midterms) Fact checkers, you may do a double check if you please. 

That being said, it’s always good to keep your steel swords at bay. For probably a month after now, we’ll be facing a bigger obstacle. The invasion of the Σύνθετοι τύποι: exams.

But do not fret my dear mighty soldiers, for we are are still in the midst of pampering and polishing our harsh armour.

Taking a big step away from the whole figurative aura, let’s talk AEP.

Tuesday, a one period class, which was just another average day. Except for one bit, none of us had studied for the vocabtest, and so it was postponed until the next day.

And that brings us to Wednesday. A raining, and an even more delayed day( see that? alliteration, hah) My bus came about fifteen to twenty minutes late, which of course retorted to I being late.

Being as us bug-goers have special benefits between being late and un-late, It was more or less not counted as a late. (‘late’ repetition! you see? *proud moment*)

But anywho, we took our vocab which went actually great. Mrs. Disa’s file had seemingly went into hiding, and so we took the test online.

And so we ended the day with a discussion-ish seat work, into which we’ll have to plan and write an essay of next week. Joy. 

And that’s about all for this week.

T,  out. 

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