Hello everyone! This is my first ever blog, so I hope I don’t do a bad job. As the secretary of this week’s AEP Grade 10, I will be discussing what my fellow classmates and I, along with our teacher  Miss Disa  have done during our class meetings.
          On our first day of AEP, we had two classes one after the other; during our first class, we checked our homework which was to create an essay checklist. An essay checklist is a list that consists of questions on how and what your essay should include. An example of how the questions should be asked is: Does your essay have the right amount of facts and information to support your idea towards the essay topic? On our second period of AEP class, we discussed the second unit which talks about writing. Miss Disa had us examine a picture of a boy, his family, and a home. After doing so, we answered a few questions about it. We were asked, in what ways can members of a family help each other at different stages in their lives? In my opinion, each family member has their own way of helping one another; as a daughter and a student, I go to my parents for help financially and for advice on big situations that no one else can help me with. On the other hand, since my sisters are closer to my age than my parents, I go to them for advice on things I feel uncomfortable telling my parents or for things my parents can no longer help me with. For example, if I have a question when it comes to my class subjects, I ask my sisters for help. Once my classmates and I finished answering the questions, Miss Disa explained how we would be able to answer essay questions that ask if we either agree or disagree with a statement. For instance, if we agree or disagree with a statement , we could either start our essay by saying “Yes, I completely agree with___ ,” or ” No, I absolutely disagree with___”. If you are debating whether you agree or disagree on a statement, you could also answer like this,” I neither agree nor disagree with___ “.
          On our second and last day of AEP class, we had a vocabulary test. During this test, there would be ten definitions and words projected onto the board and my classmates and I would have to put the right word next to the correct definition. Some of the words were expunge, which means to delete, panacea, which means a cure-all , and supercilious, which is defined as proud and arrogant. As a student , I feel like vocabulary tests are extremely useful, for it expands your way of speech and makes the way you write more interesting to read.
          With that my dear readers , I conclude my blog. I wish this has helped you a little if you had any struggles when it came to these topics. Thank you for taking your time to read this, and have a fantastic week ahead!!
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