We started off the week still fresh, fresh from being struck by our midterm grades which I’m pretty sure left us shocked, whether bad or good.

On a Tuesday morning at around 5, it was raining. Every student was most probably smiling at that time, as they were hoping for suspension of classes. I’m not going to lie, and I will always be guilty for being one of those students. About an hour before school started, it stopped raining. The car ride to school mostly consisted of my brother and I whining about why the rain had stopped.

It was finally time for the first period and we went into Miss Disa’s room smiling, when we were told we would have a Vocab Test to do. Naturally, all of us in class had a mini heart attack. Turns out that Miss Disa sent us the wrong planner, so we decided to have the test the next day.

We carried on the day with starting Unit 2. A picture of a gorilla emerged on the second page and it immediately brought my mind to Harambe. Rest In Peace to him.

harambe 2.jpg

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Made by: Justice4Harambe/Facebook

Back to the point, we started off Unit 2 with a good note. It *seems* like we could chill in this Unit, though we would still have to write an essay. On that day, we had to do group work. We seemed really quiet but I suggest that it’s just because it’s still morning, and we didn’t really want to interrupt Miss Disa with her work, which Clarisse, Viktoria and I discussed after class. Although, I would most probably stick to the morning reason.

The next morning, it was raining heavily. Again. As expected, I was smiling the whole time. The good news was that it raining and the clouds were dark, which I really love. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like the dark weather? But the bad news was that, most of us were late in coming to school as it was super traffic everywhere. Needless to say, Viktoria and I came to class late.

The first thing that I was told when I came into class, was something about an earthquake drill. I’ve been in F.I.S. for around 9 years, and we have never had an earthquake drill before, so it was quite exciting for me to see how the school would handle this.

After about 40 minutes, we finally had the drill. We were all supposed to secure ourselves under a table and then go out through the fire exit with a book on our heads. I don’t know if a single book is going to help, but I guess since we’re in a school, it’s the closest item for safety. While we’re at it, why not use our Cambridge books?! 🙂

I hope that when a real earthquake actually happens, all of us students wouldn’t have to gather in the lobby and wait for 15 minutes without even going out of the school. Turns out the problem was that a car was parked right outside the fire exit so we didn’t go out of the building.

While we were waiting in the lobby, Miss Disa was wearing a helmet and that’s actually a good idea. What are the chances of this happening, but I think that we should have an emergency helmet with us at all times. I should really remind myself to get one.

We ended the week in AEP with loads of homework, but it was surely a week for me.

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