The island is operating like how it’s supposed to, with 3 people, a teacher, and some questions to ponder on. If school was a cartoon show, then these weeks are its filler episodes. If school was a whole day trip to your grandparents, then these weeks are the time of the trip where you sleep. Needless to say, I was really hoping for a day where classes were suspended for compensation to the study time given to the midterms. In fact, the highlight of the week was either the earthquake drill or that Pen-Apple-Pineapple-Pen dance done by grade 11. The funny thing about the earthquake drill was that I doubt that most of us would line up in the real event, where we would just run everywhere while the building collapses or hide under the table while the building collapses. Either way, the school collapses and only a few of us survive, how grim.

The week was particularly fine on the island of AEP. Ms.Disa is a very personal type of teacher, I always feel relaxed in her well-decorated room. I was absent on Monday so I don’t exactly know what happened then, but we had a quiz on Tuesday and went more in-depth to the next chapter in AEP. We were trying to find ways on how to tackle a ‘How much do you agree to the statement?’ question. The trick, however, was that we needed to find the correct adverbs to fill in the >50% range of agreement to the <100%. Which slides us nicely to the words I found:


In part


In some measure

To a certain degree

To a certain extent

Not wholly



The words were vague, which means that the person who is writing the essay needs to explain himself on why he chose the word. Which means that the reader needs to feel the essay according to the reasons given by the writer, whether leaning to the positive side or negative side.

Source for the picture which I added some words to: