It’s amazing how Ms. Disa, can make her classes fun. But sometimes AEP classes do get boring..

Let me begin,

As I walked into the room, I started shivering because of fear. I knew that we would be taking a VocabQuiz, “OMG!” I was prepared, but worried. “Umm. Blasé? am I right?” (So I guess, I wasn’t prepared at all..) I also knew that we would be starting the IELTS book..

Ms. Disa, had decided to use another book, because she wanted us to learn how to skim and scan. I am happy that I knew the basics, so it wasn’t hard for me. She decided that we would focus on them, so when we have AEP exams, we can ace those parts.

Well, that was only the first session. Now, for the next two.


WAIT! BEFORE WE START, I would like to some more stuff, that happened between the first session.

That day was the day, where students were to campaign for their parties (student council). One party approached the room, talked all about their party, and what they would do to help our school.


Now, for real, here is what we did in the next two sessions of AEP.

We basically did the same thing, skimming and scanning. We still used our IELTS book. But, towards the end of the session, we had some games.  Ms Disa let us skim and scan passages for words and numbers, I am very happy that my group (Boys) won!

That’s it for my weekly comments, thanks for reading!!

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