School has been quite fast, meeting new people. And being in a new school. Is quite a challenge, AEP (Advanced English Placement) is a more advanced version of English, but I hope I could pass. I might not have high grades on my vocabulary tests. But I would honestly try my best on this subject, At first, I underestimated the subject because it was English. However, as the class started to progress, I got frightened because I found out it was mostly listening and note taking. Which i am honestly not really perfect at. Even though stuff was difficult in the subject. It slightly became harder or easier as days passed. My biggest difficulty with this subject is not note taking, nor is it listening. My biggest difficulty on this subject is the vocabulary tests. Since these words weren’t used that often and I honestly didn’t know some of these words. But despite all these problems in the school year. I really hope I find some way to counter these problems in this school year so that i will hopefully pass this school year.