There’s not much to say about last week, other than it was more or less our checkpoint. We only had one period of AEP, in which we spent the marvellous forty minutes into playing Scrabble.

Clarisse was a no show, leaving I, Navya, and an empty board staring just as blankly as we were.

Give or take, it was a bit of a boring session without Clarisse. She’s usually the bubbly one that would come up with words like ‘hoe’ garden hoe, if you get my drift.

On the side note, I have took my own advice from last weeks’ blog. And have practiced over the weekends, meaning, I have no trouble reaching the word count anymore!

In case you guys didn’t know, there’s this technique into which you count the words in your first sentence, then multiply them to the count needed. I actually did not know about this, until now. 

Well I guess that’s all for this week. I wish’d I’d have more to say, but I mean, what else is there? anywho, I hope you guys had a good weekend to think and reflect, because results our coming and fare not, there’s a bigger obstacle to look into: exams.


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